Safety Tips While Traveling in India

Travelling can be the greatest thing you can ever do, especially when traveling to an exotic place like India. So many first time experiences can overwhelm you and sometimes make you a little careless, and in times like these, you have to remember some tips to be safe in India while traveling.

1. Don’t be alone at night

Don’t be alone at night

Indian cities do have a great nightlife but even in those cities, there are areas where you should not go at night alone. These areas could be even more dangerous if you are a woman. Try to be with someone trustworthy all the time after sunset.

2. Don’t go somewhere unknown

Don’t go somewhere unknown

In a vast place like India, you will find spots and areas looking quite different. Even if the temptation arises, try not to be at the places where you are not supposed to be. Also, when going to places like these be sure that people close to you know where you are going.

3. Learn emergency numbers

Learn emergency numbers

There are some universal helpline numbers all over India, but sometimes you should be extra careful and try to learn the helpline numbers like a police department, etc. these local numbers will definitely help you in times of emergency or when you feel threatened.

4. Carry back-up devices

Carry back-up devices

Whenever going on a trip anywhere in the world, this is a given. You should always be carrying a power bank and some emergency connecting devices. Don’t ever go out of your hotel room without your mobile phone that too with its battery almost full. The GPS features should also help your loved ones know where you are at that point in time.

5. Use public transport carefully

Use public transport carefully

Since everywhere you go, you cannot get a rented vehicle. In those places, you have to travel by public transport. Now, in metro cities public transport is good but as you go deeper into India, public transport is a bit of a problem. Always try not to show that you might not belong there. Also, if you are a woman, you should travel only in a woman’s compartment in trains.

6. Don’t trust anyone

Don’t trust anyone

This is a life advice on every possible situation in life. Don’t ever trust some stranger and be complacent. Even when someone calls you and you don’t know the person, try to make the conversation as small as possible. Don’t try to get along with people who seem dangerous.

7. Try to gauge your surrounding

Try to gauge your surrounding

When in a new place, you always try to tend to look for certain things like what local people do in various situations. For example, people in India try not to escalate a situation when they are alone and women generally ignore the catcalling which is common in some other parts of the world. So, in a situation like these, it is better to follow certain things.

8. Stay in a safe hotel

Stay in a safe hotel

All these things and suggestions are well and good only if the hotel you are living in is a safe one. It is very easy to find cheap accommodation in India but here the safety should take priority and the reviews and recommendations should be taken from a trusted source.

These are some of the tips which you should keep in mind when Traveling in India. These will help you to be safe in an exotic yet sometimes a little overwhelming country.

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