Beginners Guide for playing golf!

Golf, at first seems to be a complicated game because of so many rules and so many clubs! We completely understand the same! In order to help the beginners we have come into the picture! We will help you in not only understanding the game in a better manner but also in letting you know that what all clubs you can go? How to do practice? When are you ready for the game? And will also answer all the questions that you have as a beginner.

Let us have a look at the tips so that it is easy to understand the game:

1. Which clubs are to be chosen?
As far as clubs are concerned, you have to look at the equipments that the club has to play the game. But you don’t have finish the money in your account because of that. But all you have to do is to focus on the clubs that have the equipments which can help in developing the imperfect skills with the minimum expense. Try and understand that there will be time to go after the expensive equipments but for now, just focus on the equipments.

2. How many clubs do you need?
At max, you can go for 14 clubs but you don’t need all of them at the same time. You just need few clubs which has the sand wedge, driver, putter and also 6 and 8 iron. So just focus on those clubs who can give you all the facilities at the minimum expenses so that it doesn’t put pressure on your pocket and which might also lead you to give up on the game! We obviously don’t want you to do that and that is why we are explaining everything in detail.

3. Go for clubs for beginners!
It is very important to find those clubs that welcome beginners! The reason is that the setting will be there in such a way that will be favorable for you as a beginner. The irons with the wider soles will lower down the tendency for the club to stick in the ground when you hit the ball too far. The gravity of iron’s center will also help in launching the shots with the width of two fingers. So it is very important to go for such clubs which can help in learning the game!

At last,

We are not saying that learning golf is not difficult. What we mean to say is that you have to understand that nothing is easy. Still, we also believe that nothing is difficult if you are passionate about something. You just need the right equipments, clubs and the patience! These are the only things that will help you in learning the game in a better way. So, don’t get disheartened but just make sure that you are ready to go that way! Learn golf with all your heart! We wish you all the very best for learning and playing golf!

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