10 Point Packing Checklist When Going on Jungle Safari

The most coveted experiences are in witnessing wildlife in their natural habitat is if you are planning your first or tenth safari. One thing is sure that you cannot take going on a jungle safari lightly and this is because you must come prepared. Here is a quick checklist when going to jungle safari.

1. Carry cash handy

Engulfed in a thick grove, you may be charmed by the bird’s musical chirping and the wild animal’s occasional acoustics is sure to imbue you. It is an experience to cherish for life and best if you have some cash handy on this en route to your destination.

2. Extra sim card
If you wish to stay connected at all times this is one of the important thing when going for a jungle safari.  This is to have it for your own support. In case your network fails to hold strong, you may carry an extra sim card.

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 3. Stay primitive
In the jungle safari, you are disconnected from the outside world, while you are in a jungle secluded, away from the society hustle and bustle. A jungle safari trip reveals the hearth and depth of nature and it is refreshing. It is a serene and secluded trip reminding of your ancestral life. It is best to consider the temperatures, day and night. You may depend on Google for information. The weather may be rough or you need to experience cold or extreme heat or maybe both at a time. All these need different preparation type.

4. Follow safari rules
It’s important that you adhere to the code of conduct. These codes are about not talking loudly, not littering, not eating, not screaming at animals, not coming out of the vehicle. It is recommended to wear dull clothes and colors so that it camouflages with the surroundings. The jungle is the residence of the animals, so there is a need to follow the rules as a responsible citizen.

5. Pre-book your safaris
Having a planned vacation to a jungle safari is a good idea, but there is also a need to book in advance so that the disappointment of last minute booking may be avoided.

6. Pack in advance.
Remember to pack in advance one day, as you may have to leave for a ride early in the morning. Pack in advance and reach on time the safari.

7. Carry light weight cloths and toiletries
Of course you’re not going to forget clothes! But it’s important that you carry right kind of cloths, there might be weight restrictions for carrying the stuff. Also due to mobile nature, there is a possibility that you may not be able to change clothes often. There could be shortage of laundry service, while you are in the jungle. Therefore, it is important to carry light weight and sweat absorbing cloths.

8. Include important things
Your booking information and ID proof are the most important documents to carry. You may carry Cap, water, binoculars, insect repellent cream, sunscreen, glares, scarf, camera, torch; medicines, seasonal clothes, and food that are allowed to eat at break time are essentials to save your day.

9. Reach and leave on time
Safaris follow a specific routine of time. They do not entertain late entrance the. Moreover, while returning, if late, the guide and your safari guide are penalized. So realizing that is equally important.

10. Organized vs. private tours
If you are new, take a safari tour. The logistics are sure to baffle you. You can enjoy this tour if you follow the 10 point packing checklist when going on jungle safari.

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