15 Golf Etiquettes to Keep in Mind, while playing this Royal Game

Golf – a game in which a ball is struck with a club from a prepared area (AKA “Teeing ground”). The goal of the game is to complete what is known as a hole by hitting a ball from the teeing ground into the hole on the putting green (conclusion of a golf hole, where the flagstick and hole are located).In the fewest possible number of strokes. A “round of golf’ consists of playing 18 such holes.

In the last post we discussed the Basics of the Golf. Now let us look at the some of the important etiquettes that you need to follow in this game.

The Etiquettesprimarily covers both courtesy and priority on the Course as well as Care of the Course.

1. First of all don’t move, talk or stand close to a player making a stroke. Doing so may distract him

2. Don’t start playing until the group in front is out of the way.

3. Play without delay. Leave the putting green as soon as all players of the group have holed out.

4. Replace turfs. Smooth out the footprints in bunkers.

5. Don’t step on the line of another player’s stroke.

6. Invite faster groups to play through.

7. Don’t drop the clubs on the putting green.

8. Replace the flagstick carefully.

9. During the round, don’t ask for “advice” from anyone other than your own partner or caddie. Also, don’t give advice to anyone except your partner.

10. Always know the brand of ball you are using avoid confusion during play or place an identifying mark on your ball and inform the other players the type and number ball you are playing

11. When a ball hits the green, it often leaves a hollow or a pitch mark, where it strikes the ground. It is important that that place is repaired to keep the green in good condition. As soon as you arrive at the green, make it a point to find your pitch marks first and repair them.

12. One should always choose the appropriate tee according to his or her skill level, regardless of where the other members of the group are playing.

13. One should always enter and leave a bunker from the low side. After the shot, a player should reprobate the sand smooth again in order to leave a fresh surface for next player. Usually, the rake should be replaced alongside the bunker, not inside it.

14. From Safety point of view, never hit when there is a chance you might be able to reach the group ahead of you.

15. It is often a good idea to arrive early and warm up by hitting a few soft wedge shots before heading for the practice green and hitting a few putts.
All those these are not the rules of the game, but these are important points to keep in mind will make the game of golf safer and more pleasurable for all the golfers and reduce the possible damage to golf equipment and courses.

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