Do not miss out these things as the Ultimate Guide to explore Coorg,

Christened as the ‘Scotland of the East’, is Coorg. This is an amazing place to spend your holidays. It is a favorite place of families and couples, as this hill station offers every traveler some reason to get engulfed with. The experiences in Coorg offers a reason to spend a holiday in Coorg, however, there is a need to get the ultimate guide to explore Coorg.

Spending time in Coorg means you get to enjoy and explore all the fun it has to offer. Planning a Coorg trip means you need not draw out an itinerary. The undulating green hills amidst the blue bright skies make Coorg a true Scotland of India. The region is scenic and is renowned for its coffee in high-quality. However, this ultimate guide to explore Coorg reveals that food connoisseurs, nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, photographers, and culture vultures will also love to visit this place. There is nothing to stop from participating in interesting activities and here are a few best things that is worth doing in Coorg.
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At Dubare Elephant Camp, bathe elephants
Taking care and playing with elephants in Coorg is one of the fun activities. In Dubare, the elephant camp has a large herd of elephants and they allow you to feed, bathe, and also ride. This is a perfect place located ideally on the river bank and it allows to cool off during summers. Visit in May and enjoy doing the best things you never imagined of.

At the Golden Temple Experience Tibetan culture
Coorg in Southern India is the only place having a Tibetan settlement. A Tibetan monastery is locally referred to as the Golden Temple. The stalls surrounding this monastery have Tibetan foods such as thupka and momos.

Abbey Falls Photograph
Coorg is full of nature’s bounty and photographing is the best things in Coorg. The location of the milky waterfall is in a scenic plantation of coffee and spice offering a wonderful view making it an ideal choice for a photograph. Head to Abbey falls and take some good pictures.

Trek through the hills and jungles
The Western Ghats verdant dot Coorg that offers ample opportunities for trekking and hiking. Some treks include Kodachadri, Brahmagiri, Tadiandamol, Mullayanagiri, and Kumara Parvatha. Trekking in Coorg is ideal in winters as the forests are dry green and is an ultimate guide to explore Coorg..

Coorg Cuisine
Coorg cuisine is completely different. It is predominantly non-vegetarian and they make use of the forest produce local ingredients such as meat, rice-based products, and rice. Eating pandi curry or pork is the favorite in Coorg. However, the vegetarians can relish akki roti, koovaleputtu, and nool puttu.

Walking in a coffee plantation
Coffee bean picking in Coorg is the best things and being the largest coffee producer and so finding spice and coffee plantation is possible easily as it is spread all over. The season of coffee picking season is from November to January. This ultimate guide to explore Coorg is to explore the plantation through nature walks on Coorg.

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