Travel hacks for long flights

On long rides getting comfortable is easier said and it is not the same with everyone. It varies based on your seat preference, medical history, your height, and other factors. You can maximize comforts considering the Travel Hacks for Long Flights.

On-the-fly adjustments includes considering minor things to packing the accessory of seat comfort and this include taking traveling medicine as well.

Add Lumbar Support

The long flights are best with makeshift lumbar support. Even placing a blanket or a jacket rolled-up across the lower seatback supports your spine natural curve, particularly in a C-shaped way that the airplanes do not support. You can get a massage and adjust prior to taking a flight so that it reduces the neck and low back pain potential, to the extent that the long flight is comfortable.

Activate a Foot Rest

The best airplane travel hacks are accomplishedby easily carrying-on bag so that you get tokeep your feet up. Slip off shoes so that your feet do not swell. Slip-on fresh, soft socks as the simplest solution, it will make you feel cozier. You can typically get packable footrest as well and attach it to the arms of the tray table keeping it adjusted to the required height.

Use Seat Cushion

Another long flight travel hack is to eliminate lower back problems. This is possible with the seat cushion to be inflated. The non-slip material of the seat cushion will keep the whole flight in place and the self-inflates in the U-shape gives a turn such that you need not puff and huff.


Reclining in a plane seat helps in averting the neck issues that is induced due to airplane seats in the long flights. Neck pain is a common complaint after flights and you can use neck pillows to reduce the head flopping during flights.

Carry a spAIRTray

Travelers who are taller knock their knees with tray tables, and the passengers using laptops run quickly out of the area of tray-table surface. Here choosing a window seat is the best and to use handy spAIRTray, that is window-attached shelf offering enough room for your drinks, phone, or other small items. This is ideal for travelers who are mostly on the move on the plane and wish to get work done.

Carry a Massage Ball

Airplane seat hack includes carrying a massage ball to release tensed muscles during travel so that you can lean back on your shoulder while sitting. You can move the message ball that keeps your fingers moving and you can have a relaxing massage.

Pick a Window Seat

Sleeping in an airplane upright is a travel conundrum. The best is to support on the wall your head so that you are comfortable, avoiding a neck pillow. You may tuck up some spare sweater or even a soft towel over your shoulder. You can add to the armrest an airline pillow so that you catch up with a sleepy lean cushion. Of course, this does not ensure a deep sleep, but attempting to sleep and catching up with few hours of rest is better than no sleep.

It better to take certain precautions while taking long flight, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles and enjoy your trip fully

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