Things to do in Kerala, when visiting for the first time

Kerala is known as gods own country. When you’ve visited Kerala, apart from the normal tourist destinations, there are quite a few experiences which you can have. You have to think about going off the beaten trail. When you go off the beaten trail, there will be unique experiences which will help you create memories.

We will today list down 5 things which you should definitely do when you visit Kerala.

  1. Elephant bathing:

Kodanad Elephant Sanctuary in Kerala provides you with the opportunity to give bath to an elephant. It is located at a distance of 42 km from Kochi. It is actually a very unique experience to have. The charges vary from Rs. 400 per person on the way up to Rs. 1500 per person. The charges depend on the length of the experience as well as the various activities involved in the experience.

  1. Houseboat:

Houseboats in Alleppey are one of the most unique experiences which you can have. You will be staying in a floating hotel on the water. It is a small boat which is converted into multiple rooms in order to provide you with accommodation. You will be served various meals as well as snacks throughout the day as well. All the while, the houseboat will be sailing through the backwaters. A houseboat can easily accommodate an entire family. The cost of the houseboat can vary from Rs. 6500-Rs. 12,000. It is a good idea to book these houseboats in advance as they are in high demand during the tourist season.

  1. Shikara Rides:

Shikara Rides in Alappuzha are one of the best ways to explore the backwaters. You will be able to check out the flora and fauna surrounding the backwaters as well. Additionally, you get to explore the local villages which are situated surrounding the backwaters as well. A double deck boat ride can last for up to 4 hours. Moreover, the cost is around Rs. 600 per hour. These are readily available when you reach Alappuzha.

  1. Snake Boat races:

Snake Boat race in Alappuzha is another unique experience which you can have. These are held during the months from July to September. Also, they are held on the Onam day as well. Additionally, if you do not want to watch from the shoreline, you can even rent a boat to watch the race close by. This will ensure that you are always close to the snake boats which are racing as well. That is why it is a unique experience which you should think of participating in.

  1. Treehouse accommodation:

Treehouse accommodation is available in various tourist locations in Wayanad, Thekkady, and Athirapally. Additionally, in all of these locations you can indulge in various nature walks as well as mountain biking and even rock climbing as well. The tariff of the treehouses often starts from Rs. 12,000 per night.

Thus, when you’re visiting Kerala for the 1st time around, these are the 5 experiences which you should definitely think about having. These 5 experiences will actually help you in exploring Kerala in its entirety. Moreover, you will be able to have unique experiences which you cannot have in any other Indian state. This is the reason why these 5 experiences are a must have when you’re visiting Kerala.

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