Tibet-The complete travel guide!!

Tibet-Popularly known as the land of the unknown!! Despite being mysterious it yet holds the rank of being the top most wanted place of visit among travellers across the globe. The first image that crops in while we think of this place are monks in red getups and meditation. However, Tibet is much more beyond that with its natural setting of snow-capped mountaintops, blue skies, crystal blue lakes and its lush green meadows. Its charm does not end there but also extends towards its fascinating culture and age-old monasteries which as a whole sums up visit to Tibet. Even though it is considered as road less travelled, yet a must tick off destination to give you an edge from your bucket list.

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Best time of visit?

Depending on your target place of visit, looking out for the season can play the role.

  • Mt Everest visit- Months of January, February, April, May, October-December
  • Trekking Mt Kailash- Months of May-Mid October
  • See Tibetan horse festival- July and August
  • Seeing Tibetan nomads on grasslands- June-September

Also, one need to note that from mid-February to Early April every year, Tibet is closed, and no tourist would be allowed permit.

How to reach?

No traveller can enter Tibet without a Chinese agency or a Nepalese one or Indian travel agency

From China:

One can either opt to catch a flight from several Chinese international airports such as Beijing, Chengdu, Xining etc. to Lhasa or one can also drive down to Lhasa and the best-preferred route for the same is using the friendship highway from Qinghai- Kathmandu-Lhasa

From Nepal:

Either one can take a direct flight from Kathmandu airport to Lhasa or opt to use the road. Kodari the last town of Nepal is just few hundred kilometres away from Tibet border.

From India:

One need to reach Kathmandu, Nepal to catch a flight to Lhasa which is the only international airport of Tibet. There are no connecting flights between Tibet and India.

Top 10 must-do experiences on your visit to Tibet:

  • Pay a visit to the world’s tallest mountain i.e. Mt Everest or walking the Kora around holy Mt Kailash
  • Head to the treasurer of Tibetan culture in Potala Palace resting peaceful atop Red hill.
  • Head to the Samye Monastery which is the birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism as well make a stop over to see the monks debate in Sera Monastery
  • Of course!! How can you miss out the natural exotic beauty of Tibet which are its beautiful lake of Yamdrok, Lake Manasarovar and Namtso Lake?
  • Be part of its cultural festivities of Saga Dawa Festival, Tibetan New Year and Shoton Festival.
  • Take a Yak Ride
  • Visit the spectacular deepest ravine of the continent which is the Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon.
  • Camp near the mesmerizing and stunning Lake of Shuanghu seldom travelled yet worth a peek!!
  • Tickle your taste buds with some local cuisines such as Tsampa, Dre-si, Yak meat dishes, Tibetan butter tea and of course the Lhasa beer and barleywine.
  • Raid the street of Barkhor to carry back a part of Tibet with you or head to the Tromsikhang Market for dried fruits and nuts shopping.

Take care of:

  • In order to plan your trip to Tibet, you need to be associated with travel agent
  • from any of the three countries such as China, India and Nepal as a mandate.
  • Be careful of altitude sickness due to less oxygen level
  • Remember the toilets of Tibet are worse than anywhere of the world
  • Stringent visa rules and travel permits.
  • Always be respectful to their culture and tradition.

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Happy Holidays to the mysterious land of Tibet!!

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